Privacy Policy for Mirror


We've designed this policy to be easily understood, without any complicated language. Get a clear summary of what we collect, why, and your options.

Our Principles

Privacy policies can often be long and technical, but the principles behind them should be straightforward. Here's what we stand by:

  • Using Data for Improvement: Your data is solely used to enhance the quality of the Mirror browser.
  • No Sharing Without Agreement: We don't share your data with others to profit without your explicit consent.
  • Whitelist-Based Approach: If something isn't covered here, we don't collect it.

Collected Data

DataUsage PurposeStorage LocationsAccessCollection Choice
Email Address
    • To identify your account
    • To email Mirror updates
    • Mirror's Database (AWS / GCP)
    • CRM Service (
    • Crash Reporting (
    Only Mirror
    General App Usage
    • Time on Mirror
      How long and when Mirror been used
    • Mirror Keyboard Shortcuts
      such as ⌘+T, ⌘+W
    • Mirror Page Views
      such as "Home", "Session", and "Settings."
    • Device Information
      OS, CPU, Screen Size, Hardware Model ID, and Default Browser.
    • Connectivity
      IP, Country, Region, Internet speed
    • Crash Reports
      Diagnostic of Mirror crashes
    • To understand how many users, how often uses Mirror
    • To identify and fix bugs or crashes
    • To optimize for different devices/OS
    • Mirror's Database (AWS / GCP)
    • CRM Service (
    • Crash Reporting (
    • Analytics (Firebase, Looker)
    Only Mirror
    Detailed Usage
    • Visited websites
      HTTP URL, such as
    • To enhance popular websites compatibility
    • To personalize search and recommendation within Mirror
    • Mirror's Database (AWS / GCP)
    Only Mirror
    Optional, with your agreement
    Shared Content
    • Notes
      (Only when it's link shared)
    • To share content online
    • Mirror's Database (AWS / GCP)
    Mirror, People you've chosen
    Optional, when you request